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Welcome to New Zealand’s Stamp Shop.

We sell Stamps, Postcards and Coins

Welcome to New Zealand’s No 1 Stamp Shop. For those of you who don’t know me my name is Chas Lilley, my daughter Tanya,  her daughter Rowena and I operate The Stamp Shop. We are located in New Plymouth on the West Coast of New Zealands North Island.

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Car Insurance New Zealand Tips

If you are a parent of teenage sons or daughters, you are probably searching for ways on how to reduce their car insurance New Zealand premiums. These days, it is very important to make the most of every dollar you have. The current state of the economy is not that great, and paying high premiums will only make budgeting more difficult for you. As you know, teenagers are at a very high risk of car accidents.

According to statistics, they are ten times more likely to be involved in car accidents as compared to much older drivers in the thirty- to fifty-year-old age group. This is because they are mostly inexperienced and temperamental. Adding your teenage son or daughter to your car insurance New Zealand policy can actually be more expensive than you think. So, if you want to lower your premiums, here are some tips you should consider.

If you want to enjoy lower premium rates, you should look for discounts. Most car insurance New Zealand companies give discounts to qualified teenage drivers. Usually, they grant these discounts to good students and teenagers who have taken defensive driving courses. So, if your son or daughter is a straight-A student, he or she can save ten to fifteen percent on premiums. Car insurance New Zealand companies usually require a B average.

Likewise, completing a defensive driving course can let your teenage son or daughter have five to fifteen percent off on premiums. Defensive driving courses are not that expensive. They also do not take a lot of time to complete. Usually, it only takes less than one day for this course to be completed. In certain states, people can even take them online. You should obtain a list of approved courses from your local Department of Motor Vehicles for Car Insurance NZ

Of course, your teenage son or daughter should have a clean driving record if you want to save money on car insurance New Zealand premiums. The reason why car insurance New Zealand companies favor good students is because they presume these students to be as responsible on the road as they are in school. So, if you do not want to pay a lot of money on premiums, you should teach your child about the rules of the road. He or she should drive safely and avoid traffic violations.

You can also enjoy lower premiums if you let your child drive an old car model or a car with safety features. Older cars usually have cheaper insurance regardless of who drives them. This is because they generally have lesser value than newer cars. Car insurance New Zealand companies will not spend a lot in replacing them. Similarly, these companies prefer cars with safety features such as airbags, alarms, and anti-lock brakes because they are not at a high risk of theft or other hazards.

Moreover, your monthly car insurance New Zealand premiums can get lower if you carry high deductibles and absent coverage. This would prevent you from paying a lot of money on losses. For instance, if your car hits a tree and you incur a nine-hundred-dollar auto repair bill, you will not receive any compensation as collision and comprehensive deductibles usually cover one thousand dollars or more.